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Paris for families

Paris for families

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Fashion Capital of the world, Paris is the largest and most famous city of France. The city boasts of its most enchanting monuments, marvelous museums, architectural paradise and shopping arcades. Paris is one of the most visited destinations for families. Symbol of France, Eiffel Tower is the major attraction of Paris that charms not only adults but kids too. Who doesn’t love to climb three levels of the tower, come across the most amazing sight and enjoy finger licking food there? Kids enjoy the bird’s eye view of city through observation deck and adore various facts about it. The most spectacular experience of having a glance at the serene beauty of city in evening with millions of lights twinkling while sailing through Seine River is extraordinary.

Paris is the kids’ center! There are visits to suit everyone’s interest and mood: expand your general knowledge while visiting a museum, meet your favourite characters at Dineyland, enjoy sports to burn out energy, relax at a show … See all Paris has to offer for every traveller.

If your kids love art and architecture, you may prefer to visit Louvre museum, Notre-Dame or Arc De Triomphe, Montmarte & art workshop. If kids want to meet their favorite Disney characters, Disneyland opens its heart for you. Visiting Disneyland with kids is a magical experience. The area is divided into two parks to cater to the needs of all age groups. A world of imagination and adventure makes kids get lost in its countless activities from morning till evening. Whether you are planning to visit Paris with youth in the family, kids or toddlers, Paris has a list of tourist attractions to offer.

By Anjali Singh

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