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Ancient history and settlement.

Visiting the Andaman Islands is a special experience and the best way to enjoy it is with a carefully tailor –made Andaman holiday package. Such packages which will allow you to experience the best sights and sounds that Andaman has to offer from Port Blair to Havelock Island to Neil Island and more. All the popular attractions of these places will be visited during the course of this tour. There are many historical attractions around Port Blair and to get a good insight into the past a tour guide will be arranged for. Andaman’s North Bay is famous for its various water sport activities include scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise, snorkeling and many more.


Ancient history and settlement.

The Andaman Archipelago is an oceanic continuation of the Burmese Arakan Yoma range in the North and of the Indonesian Archipelago in the South. It has 325 islands which cover an area of 6,408 km2 (2,474 sq mi), with the Andaman Sea to the east between the islands and the coast of Burma. North Andaman Island is 285 kilometres (177 mi) south of Burma, although a few smaller Burmese islands are closer, including the three Coco Islands.

The Ten Degree Channel separates the Andamans from the Nicobar Islands to the south. The highest point is located in North Andaman Island (Saddle Peak at 732 m (2,402 ft)).



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