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Cairns is one of the major tourist destinations in Australia. It is key destination for International visitors in North Queensland Region. It has all the tourism products to offer to a tourist. A tourism product is combination of physical and psychological needs of a tourist during the travel or at the destination. The tourist products are divided into three categories: Attractions, Accessibility and Accommodation and Cairns has all the tourist products to offer to a tourist which makes it a popular destination.


Attractions are considered as important component of tourist products. It motivates tourists to visit a place. The choice of attraction depends upon the tourist requirements. There are a number of tourist attractions in Cairns and nearby regions, which cater to the needs of all type of travellers. It has Great Barrier Reef and nice beaches for people who want to visit coastal regions, rainforests and wildlife parks for nature lovers, Tjapukai and other aboriginal areas to visit for cultural travellers and various other activities like sky diving, helicopter tours and hot air balloons for adventure tourists.


Accessibility is a term used for means of travel by which a tourist can reach the destination region. Any mode of transport whether a car, a coach, an airplane, a ship or a train which a tourist chooses to reach at a destination is his means of accessibility. Cairns is well connected with all the major cities of Australia and also with a number of cities in other countries through air routes. Other than this, the railway routes and land routes are also properly maintained. The nearby regions can be accessible to road transport and water transport.


Accommodation is the place where a tourist stays for night during his visit to a particular place. Cairns has something for every kind of traveller. It has number of budget hotels available for backpackers, shared residences for group travellers, variety of hotels for families ranging from 2 star basic accommodations to 5 star luxury hotels and resorts which caters to the needs of all travellers visiting Cairns and its nearby regions.


The surrounding regions to Cairns are more popular than Cairns itself. The tourism Industry at Cairns provides reasonable accommodation options, cultural tours, natural sightseeing options, and various other activities. The nature, rural life, Indigenous culture, and wonderful scenic journey are the strong tourism focused attractions in Cairns. Few of Tourist attractions are:

  • – Great Barrier Reef
  • – Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  • – Paronella Park
  • – Fitzroy Island
  • – Palm Cove
  • – Cape Tribulation
  • – Daintree Rainforest
  • – Kuranda Scenic railway
  • – Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Cairns and Port Douglas are foremost destinations to visit Great Barrier Reef. One can learn to dive and snorkel here with number of options available, skydiving, jet-skiing and heli-tours can be done under adrenalin package, marine life and wild life can be enjoyed. Cairns CBD, Cairns Urban, Atherton Tablelands, Innisfail and Mission Beach Area, Port Douglas, and Daintree altogether constitute the Cairns and its nearby regions which act as one north Queensland Area that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The area has been developed drastically in last two decades with improved lifestyle, better infrastructure and economic growth. This region is the third most considerable region in Australia for international travellers.

As per data available, during the year ending 2010, the region had recorded approximate 5.7 million visitors. Nearly 50% of the travellers were day travellers, about 38.6% were domestic overnight travellers and 14.2% were international travellers. Tourism Industry employs approx 10.3% of all people in Queensland. The industry contributes $ 10.9 billion to GSP of Queensland.

The cairns city is scenic promenade with a stretch of approx 2.5 Km that includes a swimming lagoon, waterfront boardwalks, Barbeque areas and a children’s water park. Cairns central business district has a shopping centre.

City offers huge variety of accommodation from budget hotels and holiday apartments to luxury hotels at a competitive price.

Cairns has a tropical climate. The best time to visit Cairns is between June to October.



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